TakweenIT is a trusted leader in providing IT & software consultancy services for small business and enterprise clients, in both leading and specialized industries. We guide businesses like yours to meet goals and exceed expectations.

What's our secret? We provide you access to our team of highly trained business and technical professionals. Their experience and ability to share winning strategies and innovative technologies give your business the capability to excel, whether your needs are technical, strategic or managerial.

TakweenIT clients have extremely high standards and we reward their trust with:

  • Differentiated IT products that optimize marketplace advantages
  • Operational efficiency and agility
  • Analysis that defines and prioritizes strategic goals
  • IT solutions with cost and schedule certainty

Our consultancy team is comprised of industry leading IT consultants and trainers who understand that every client is different, with unique qualities and needs. We finely tailor service to your industry, specific goals and technology requirements.

Let TakweenIT consultancy services help you reduce risk, manage costs and realize the best return on your critical IT investments.